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Watch the presentation to find out more about who we are, and what we aim to do. You can use this presentation at branch meetings to help tell people about us and campaign for donations.

E-Mail if you'd like to arrange a speaker for your branch meeting, or you are interested in helping out in some way.

The Unity Shop Project


It's been a long time coming, but we've finally managed to crank out our first ever Unity Shop Newsletter. If you don't know what we do, or are curious about the journey so far, get reading - click the image to download a high quality PDF version. Download it, share it and more importantly get involved.

Tony & Ken

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can you help us?

There's lots you can do to help. Find template letters and standing order details further down the page. If you can help in some other way, drop us a line at:


Mission Statement.pdf

Mission statement

A brief overview of what we stand for

Introductory Letter For Trade Union Branches.pdf

Letter for trade union branches

A letter for trade union branches to encourage donations

Standing Order Form (A5).pdf

Standing order details

Standing order form (A5)

Introductory Letter For Individual Benefactors.pdf

Letter for individual trade unionists

A letter to encourage small monthly donations via. standing order

Information Sheets - For Clients & Referrers

Referral Information (For Client).pdf
Referral Information (For Referrer).pdf
Unity Shop Postcard v2.pdf


We’re not exactly sure what the future will hold in terms of demand until we test the water

What we do know is that we’ll need volunteers to:

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Tony Smith

Organising Officer

Tel. 07535 057744


Ken McCall


Tel. 07984 429806